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Suriname Fashion Week


Designers line up Suriname Fashion Week 2017

Suriname: I sew Design - Nouschy Design - Tifens Design - Shass Design - Lincoln Maat & Confectie - Cheryl Ceder - Shanice Bottse - Warda Marica Jewelry - Excliusive design by Vero & Kate - Meredith Joeroeja - Abraham lienga

Guyana: Mark Roy Junior

Trinidad: SR Design - Aaron Moneer - Kerr & Marcelle

The Netherlands: Phunky Roots

China: Ho Kin Wah - Tiffany Pattinson

French Guyana: 2 designers

Kerr & Marcelle


Kerr & Marcelle

Timeless elegant style for design

I Sew Design


I Sew Design

Original and unique Swim Wear

Aaron Moneer Designs

Trinidad and Tobago

Aaron Moneer Designs

Bringing couture in Caribbean design

Carla Brandon

Designer 4

Carla Brandon

Designer for Suriname Fashion Week